Cremation Services in Binghamton, NY

Along with traditional services Mikeska Funeral Home also offers cremation services for your loved ones. We provide cremation service throughout Broome and Tioga Counties in NY and Susquehanna County in PA, as well as the surrounding areas.

Making the right decision

Whether you are looking into cremation services for your recently deceased loved one or looking for pre-arranged cremation services, Mikeska Funeral Home can help you plan for any situation. We offer both direct and full-service cremation services as well as a wide selection of urns and memorial items to choose from.

Direct cremation:

After cremation, the cremated remains are sent to the family.

Full-service cremation:

Full service includes and funeral service either before or after the cremation process in order to give you the chance to come together and celebrate your loved one’s life.

Cremation urn and red rose

Making the right decision

In many religions and cultures, cremation is actually preferred over traditional burial. It’s a more cost-effective solution compared to a traditional burial. When it comes to planning your loved one’s arrangement it can be hard to make a decision that fully honors their memory. Our staff is dedicated to helping reduce the stress of those decisions. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the cremation process. Call Mikeska Funeral Home today for any questions regarding our cremation services 607-722-1000.